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That’s what most business owners want.

Ford HendersonBut why is it that some businesses seem to do better than others?

My most successful clients, business owners just like you, have used my proven marketing and business growth ideas and strategies to drive their businesses and achieve stunning results.

In this free guide I share 13 strategies that will have a dramatic impact on the way you market and grow your business.

In this free marketing and business growth guide you’ll discover:

  • How to increase your business by 33% [see page 18]
  • How to increase sales the easy way
  • A proven marketing system that attracts more clients regularly [see page 24]
  • Why being the cheapest price will help you go bust?
  • Why everything you’ve learned about marketing is probably wrong

“The 13 marketing and business growth habits book will help you work on your business and It will motivate you to market your business with purpose. Ford’s strategies are very different but straight forward to put in place and have helped get more clients, increase sales and grown my business”
– Brian Russell, owner of Russell & Co Chartered Accountants

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